In a year when sanitisation is at the front of everybody’s mind, we have seen many new cleaning solutions hitting the market.

When we were approached by Electrox Water to trial their fogging machines in our office, as well as in the construction of our modular units, we felt it was an opportunity not to be mist! ( pun intended! )

Electrox Sterilising Water is an ecological disinfectant that kills viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi significantly faster than bleach and other traditional disinfectants, which makes it perfect for food production units.

It is imperative that high levels of hygiene are maintained throughout the entire construction process, to give our clients peace of mind that we take the greatest of care to create their modular food production facility off-site, at our premises, in the best possible environment.

Electrox Water is known to kill 99.99 of germs and viruses, so great for sanitising our modular food production and storage units prior to handing them over to our customers on installation day.

Jon Fisher road-tested the Electrox fogger and was very impressed, he said

“It does the job perfectly. I have been using it throughout the business to sanitise after works have finished in our modular units and fogging is definitely the way forward. 

Electrox water is environmentally sound which chimes with our core values of being at one with the land and preserving the environment for future generations.

We were using chemical disinfectant but really like our fogging machine as a more gentle and efficient germicide throughout every element of the business.”

Watch a demo here :

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