As with all our buildings, we design & manufacture them at our factory in the UK, therefore we can carry out any adaptations to the original layout in order to accommodate our clients individual requirements, whether that’s an extended canopy, additional game bird racking or maybe even extra space to incorporate a Butchery area too.

So we introduce the Hunter Butchery! At 7mtr x 2.8mtr it can include :

  • Separate intake & finished goods entrance
  • Chiller
  • Processing & Prep room
  • Integrated Tonon rail system throughout
  • External canopy ( either 1mtr or 2mtr depending on working requirements )
  • Electric hoist
  • Fully commissioned electrics
  • Plumbing & Hygiene facilities.


For more information on our Game Larders & Butchery options please contact us at or 01964 529 512.