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Why does the partnership between Curtis Pitts
Deer Services and Fisher Modular Construction
work so well?

Jon Fisher, Technical Director of Fisher Modular Construction is himself a deer stalker and fully-understands the process of getting the deer in from the field in the correct manor. Curtis Pitts was able to visualise and vocalise his exact requirements, and they were refined and fine-tuned in the discovery stage, until the perfect solution was established.

Fisher Modular Construction pride themself on being is the very best in the business of deer larders and could supply exactly what Curtis Pitts required. Before Fisher embark on any project, they ensure that they learn and understand as much as possible about what the client is intending to do and where they fall within current regulations. This in turn allows them to design each facility specifically for the needs of the individual client.

From the smallest unit for Muntjac, CWD and Roe, to large operational units for Red, Fallow and Sika, the Fisher Modular Design enables one or more units to be interlinked to create multi-functional deer handling facilities. Curtis Pitts have future-proofed their larder, in that more modular units can be added as and when necessary. The larders are also completely re-locatable if ever required.

Is the new installation self-funding due to increased capacity and output potential?

The increased chiller and larder space, coupled with a larger processing room will all contribute to greater levels of output, which will in time, fund the extension.

Additional benefits for Modular Solutions for Deer Handling

The new Fisher Modular Game Larder offered Curtis Pitts more space, facilitating accommodation of a of much larger mincer and vacuum packing machine. Curtis Pitts also plans to install a state-of-the-art band saw to aid them with processing, which they couldn’t have done before. The extended unit will now facilitate a higher level of certification with official food industry bodies and game sector organisations. Fisher also offers the following benefits:

Easy carcass movement in terms of loading carcasses onto the rail from the argo or four wheel drive, moved along the rail, lowered onto a cradle for preperation and inspection, then back up onto the rail for cooling.

Fully installed with working electrics and plumbing to industry standard.

Processing and butchery area to provide compliant production space.

Fisher Modular Construction make extension and expansion affordable because the modular units are manufactured off-site, which results in much lower costs than traditional methods of construction.

A Fisher Modular Solution offers shorter build programmes and much less disruption to existing operations. A new building from Fisher can also be purchased through third party asset finance companies.


Why did the client need to expand?

Due to organic growth of the business, expansion of the larder was the only option, business has increased 60-80% on weekly trade compared to last year.

Why did they seek assistance from Fisher?

Having previously worked in a Fisher Modular Game larder while working on a deer management project for the RSPB, Curtis Pitts Deer Services knew that Fisher could provide the solution that they wanted. Curtis Pitts installed their first unit in 2018 which served the initial purpose for a start-up business. They were so please with the original job, Fisher Modular Construction was the only choice for their expansion in 2020.

The client chose Fisher Modular Construction because

Curtis Pitts has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Fisher Modular Construction. Jonathan Fisher, Technical Director has a solid understanding of the game sector and was able to offer a bespoke solution to their requirements as the business evolved.

“Jon Fisher perfectly-catered for our requirements of increased space, carcass preparation and enhanced storage facilities. The new larder can hold forty to fifty carcasses in the fur with fantastic space to clean and process them. The project went smoothly from start to finish and has exceeded all expectations -I’m delighted with the result from both an operational and aesthetic point of view. I wholeheartedly recommend Jon and the team at Fisher Modular Construction.”

Curtis Pitts
Managing Director

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