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What is the background to the client company?

The Sausage Shop at Country Farm Meats are pig farmers who operate a popular on-farm farm shop.

The previous facility was undersize, and the client couldn’t keep up with current production, and with adding Venison to the ever expanding butchers counter (which has proven very popular), they needed more space. Having successfully relaunched a butcher’s shop on the farm due to popular demand, the client required an augmented cutting room, as well as a fridge for all meats and a specialist sausage fridge full of hangers for the sausages.

The Sausage Shop sells 95% meat content sausages, using the entire pig (nose to tail) as a core product and produces them on-site. The Sausage Shop is producing about 150kg to 200kg of sausages a week but now has capacity for much more.

Fisher UK designed a 12 x 3.3m butchery unit, complete with intake chiller, finished goods storage chiller and production room.

How has the new facility helped the client as a result?

There is now a great deal more hanging and storage space. The Sausage Shop has evolved into a fully stocked butchers shop and can now accommodate hind quarters of beef, the previous facility did not permit this.

There is more space available to be able to operate, as the production facility is separate to the shop; This means that production and sales can take place simultaneously, whereas prior to the Fisher UK installation, it was one or the other, never both.

Fisher Modular Construction make extension and expansion affordable because the modular units are manufactured off-site, which results in much lower costs than traditional methods of construction.

A Fisher Modular Solution offers shorter build programmes and much less disruption to existing operations. A new building from Fisher can also be purchased through third party asset finance companies.


Why did they choose Fisher UK?

Country Farm Meats and The Sausage Shop approved the Fisher UK expansion solution as it was competitive from a price point of view, posed minimal disruption and the unit arrived in almost full working order and was immediately connected on-site. The client was up and running in just a few hours from the unit arriving.

“There is nobody else out there doing what they do. There are some other companies who make portable buildings, but they couldn’t come anywhere near on price. I would go so far as to say that Fisher UK almost bring you to the conclusion that you are thinking about, but don’t know how to action it. Their experience and expertise in these kinds of projects is first class and the reason why we are so happy with the result. They know the industry; they have done this lots of times and know exactly what you need. The Tonon rail system really works for us and the onsite process was seamless. Fisher got everything in place and within the time quoted which is crucial of the operational planning of a business. Jon Fisher is at one with the land and this is evident. He never rules out what you say, instead, takes it on board and compiles a solution to fit.”

What was the scale of the project in terms of time and size?

Fisher UK created a forty-metre-squared production facility which dramatically increased capacity. The new installation increased production by 100%!

The discovery and development phase of the project took six weeks and the design was tweaked until the final version was agreed upon and it met specification in terms of budget and requirements.

Fisher UK needed a clear description on the parameters of annual throughflow of pigs. It was this value that was used to design the new modular solution – The Tonon rail system also reduces manual handling. Once up the on the rail, the carcasses can be move around with ease.

Fisher UK are exclusive UK distributors of Tonon market-leading rail technology. Once the planning was finalised, the build took a further six weeks to complete off-site.

For increased production, refrigeration and storage space with seamless project management, call Fisher UK today and book a consultation to discuss your requirements.

The shop and the unit are separated by a sliding door and it works a treat. The shop is also visible from the unit so we can see when a customer approaches and we can pause production to serve them. I also rent the unit out to a part time tenant on the days I’m not using it – This is an extra revenue stream for the business.”

“I’m really happy with the solution that Fisher UK provided, it has made life much easier for me. The whole process flows so well and that leaves us more time to manage the farm and run the shop

The Sausage Shop

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