How Fisher UK helped one of the UK’s most innovative food businesses survive the COVID Pandemic…

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When goat meat supplier Cabrito first contacted Fisher UK, the business was urgently seeking an in-house butchery facility to enable it to ramp up online retail sales.

The innovative company was reeling from the impact of the COVID pandemic which had seen much of its hospitality trade decimated, meaning it needed to find new markets fast.

But selling direct to the consumer involves a more complicated butchery process than selling to the trade, and that put too much pressure on the business’s existing outsourced service.

As a result, Cabrito owner and former chef, James Whetlor, became convinced that bringing carcase processing in-house would be the best way forward, and it was this that led him to Fisher UK.

With an excellent track record in creating bespoke solutions for the game and food processing industries, the Fisher UK  team immediately knew they would be able to provide an industry-leading solution.

So, working closely with James and his team, they set about designing a building that would seamlessly fit into his existing operation, while enabling him to immediately increase production.

“Straight away we started to look at the footprint available, Cabrito’s requirements and budget and piece it all together,” said Jonathan Fisher UK , founder and owner of Fisher UK.

“All of our solutions are fully bespoke, and are designed around precisely what the client wants.

“We look at the type and volume of products they’re dealing with and analyse weekly throughput.

“Then we look at how many people will work in it day to day, and how many go through the hygiene room in a shift to ensure that can cope.

“Product flows and people’s movements are the most important issues when designing a site like this.”



Knowing the right solution existed was the first hurdle cleared, but it left another in its wake before work could begin – funding the project.

But it is here Cabrito’s core values really paid dividends.

James, who is also author of internationally acclaimed cookery book Goat: Cooking and Eating, set up Cabrito in 2012 along with his partner Sushila after learning of the plight of male kid goats in the dairy industry.

Appalled at the wasteful practice of routinely euthanising them, the entrepreneurial duo worked with a local dairy goat farmer, found someone to raise his male goat kids, and began selling them into top London restaurants within a year.

This commitment to producing ethical, sustainable meat struck a chord with investors and they raised more than £250,000 in under a month to kickstart the project and take Cabrito forward.

The order was finally placed in March 2022 and the building was installed and commission in July.


James said the butchery unit has enabled the business to grow online sales as well as open up conversations with food manufacturers supplying large multiple retailers, as they can now offer the security of supply required at this end of the market.

He added working with Fisher UK had saved them a lot of headaches when it came to finding the right solution.

“From start to finish, the whole process has been very convenient,” he said.

“Being constructed offsite kept disruption to a minimum and all of its components are FSA approved which gives us a platform to supply a SALSA certified product.

The site has already enabled Cabrito to recruit two in-house butchers, with the capacity to more than double this as the business grows.

“With the building in place, we have the capacity to take all the male kid goats from the UK dairy industry,” James said.

“That helps create a more sustainable goat sector, more revenue for farmers, a new, home-produced, secure source of protein, and greater choice for the consumer.”

Jonathan described the unit as a ‘plug in and play FSA cutting plant’.

“We created a pre-fabricated, fully functional food processing site that can be purchased like a piece of machinery,” he said.

“The capacity can easily be extended by adding two or three more modules as the business grows.

“It is a far more cost effective, flexible, and less disruptive solution than building something on site or having to move to a bigger premises, both of which would have had significant impacts on Cabrito’s production.

“Our solution ensured there was no disruption to that at all.”



This has created approximately 10mtr x 6.6mtr bespoke butchery & processing site for the team at Cabrito Goat Meat.

Take a look around here :

Fisher Modular Construction (UK) Ltd make extension and expansion affordable because our modular units are manufactured off-site, which results in much lower costs than traditional methods of construction.

A Fisher UK solution offers shorter build programmes and much less disruption to existing operations. A new building from Fisher UK can also be purchased through third party asset finance companies.

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